Ruben Gonzalez

He wasn’t a gifted athlete. He didn’t take up the sport of luge until he was 21. Against all odds, four years later he was competing in the Winter Olympics. At the age of 47 he was competing against 20-year-olds in the Vancouver Olympics. He takes people’s excuses away. He’s proof that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things if they will follow a few simple steps. Ruben’s story of overcoming incredible challenges on the road to competing in four Olympic Games over the span of four decades goes right into the core of his audiences psyche, filling them with the inspiration and self-belief they need to achieve their goals.

Breakfast Speaker: 

Jeremy Fern

With 14 years of experience in the higher education setting, Jeremy Fern is Seventh Point’s secret weapon helping align marketing strategy with media strategy when working with colleges and universities. His frontline experience includes positions as the assistant vice president of Graduate Admissions at Gardner-Webb University, and he has also held roles in Alumni Relations and Undergraduate Admissions. Jeremy’s experience on the college campus helps him understand the nuances and needs of the traditional and nontraditional student, the parent’s perspective, as well as the various adult learner markets. He holds an MA in Higher Education Administration and Leadership from Appalachian State University and an undergraduate degree in Religious Studies from Gardner-Webb University.


Royall & Company: 

Al Newell - Senior Consultant and Principal
Shanelle DeLorenzo - Strategic Leader
Eleanor Nexsen - Strategic Leader

Seventh Point:

Jeremy Fern, Account Executive, Higher Ed Specialist

Clark Communications:

Annie Freeman, Strategic Enrollment Consultant
Kristen Setzer, VP, Higher Ed Consulting

5 Degrees Branding:

Lee Insko, Partner
Mike Robinson, Partner

Blue Fuego Inc.:

Brad Ward, CEO


Our Host - Houston Baptist University:

James Steen, VP for Enrollment Management
Ed Borges, Senior Director, Special Projects
Amy Rice, Director of Admissions
Clint Strickland, Director of Recruitment
Jordan Zepeda, Associate Director of Admissions Marketing
Dee Sellers, Administrative Assistant to the VP
David Ashcraft, Transfer Specialist
Shannon Bedo, International Student Coordinator
Rachael Smith, Admissions Counselor/Campus Visit Coordinator
Celani Rodriquez, Admissions Counselor/Homeschool Coordinator
Ashley Kiker, Admissions Counselor
Kelli Fox, Admissions Counselor
Ben Byrum, Admissions Counselor
Denae Arellano, Admissions Counselor

University of Mary hardin-baylor:

Brent Burks, Director of Admissions and Recruiting
Gary Lamm, Ed.D., Vice President for Enrollment Management
Nick Jones, Associate Director of Admissions and Recruiting
Patrick Munoz, Assistant Director of Recruiting
Nicole Fischer, Assistant Director of Recruiting - Competency Based Education
Ben Taylor, Assistant Director of Admissions
Mary Baucom, Admissions Counselor
Jonathan Hanson, Admissions Counselor
Austin Daron, Admissions Counselor
Austin Hodges, Admissions Counselor

Mississippi College:

Mark Hughes, Assoc. VP for Enrollment Management
Kyle Brantley, Director of Admissions
Michael Wright, Assistant Director of Admissions
Angie Hardin, Director of Transfer Recruitment
Michelle Borho, Admissions Counselor
Brandon Cervenka, Transfer Admissions Counselor
Cameron Treadwell, Admissions Counselor
Emily Tisdale, Admissions Counselor
Andrew Fehrenbacher, Admissions Counselor
Kaitlin McCarty, Admissions Counselor
Tori Langworthy, Admissions Counselor

Hardin-Simmons University:

Grant Greenwood, Director of Admissions and Recruiting
Vicki House, VP of Enrollment Management
Connor West, Admissions Counselor
Kelsey Davis, Admissions Counselor
Morgan Biles, Admissions Counselor
Emily Palmore, Admissions Counselor
Vicky Blosch, Admissions Counselor
Alyssa Rasco, Assistant Director of Admissions

Bluefield College:

Evan Sherman - Director of Traditional Admissions
Trent Argo - Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Development
Alex Marcus - Assistant Director of Traditional Admissions
Abbey Le Roy - Traditional Admissions Counselor
Elizabeth Decker - Traditional Admissions Counselor

Baylor University:

Brian Kim, Admissions Counselor
Gabby Garza, Admissions Counselor

Williams Baptist College:

Andrew Watson, Director of Admissions

Carson-Newman University:

Timothy C. Guthrie II, Admissions representative

Missouri Baptist University:

Cynthia Sutton, Director of Admissions
Beth Kinsey, Associate Director of Admissions
Jill Crain, Transfer Counselor
Daniel Wood, Transfer Counselor
Brian Tachick, Admissions Counselor
Lucas Hahn, Admissions Counselor
Kalie Adams, Admissions Counselor

Oklahoma Baptist University:

Will Brantley, Director of Admissions
Bruce Perkins, AVP of Enrollment Management
Jessi Masterson, Admissions Counselor
Lindsay Berry, Admissions Counselor
Travis Hinton, Admissions Counselor
Trent Guleserian, Admissions Counselor
Kalyn Fullbright, Admissions Counselor
Justin Moore, Admissions Counselor
Josh Bullock, Admissions Counselor

Howard Payne University:

Kevin Kirk, Associate VP for Enrollment Management
Bertha Valle, Graduate Admission Counselor
Wes Contreras, Assistant Director of Admission
Whitney Hooper, Assistant Director of Admission
Kegan Duncan, Admission Counselor
Phillip Jones, Admission Counselor & Mobile Go Center Coordinator
Will Massey, Admission Counselor
Lacy Culpepper, Campus Visit Coordinator & Admission Counselor
Sidni Kirby, Admission Counselor
Shandi Winstead, Admission Counselor
Matt Rutkowski, Admission Counselor

Louisiana College:

Dr. Brandon Bannon, VP Enrollment Management
Renee Melder, Director of Enrollment Management
Jennifer Parish, Admissions Counselor
Cayce Murphy, Admissions Counselor

International association of baptist colleges & Universities:

Ashley Hill

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