Session 1:


“Easing the Transition from Recent College Graduate to Enrollment Management Professional”
Andrew Watson, Williams Baptist College

This session is for new admissions counselors/recruiters and is designed to give insight into the transition from a recent college graduate into an enrollment management professional. It can be very difficult for recent college graduates to transition into the role of a full time professional especially if they working for their alma mater. This session will cover a variety of topics related to this transition and allow participants to share their experiences with others in similar situations.


Here’s my number. Call me…maybe. A successful student call center strategy”
Annie Freeman & Kristen Setzer, Clark Communications

With prospective students and parents engaging in conversations multiple times a day through text, email, and social feeds, it brings up the question; is a phone conversation an archaic form of communication? With digital and social media changing how students and parents gather and respond to information; integrating a current student call center strategy will provide an avenue of personalization in a mass communication world. Join us to learn practical tips in managing a current student call center strategy and see results of a successful student call center strategy that impacted the recruitment funnel resulting in record enrollment!


“Pajamas to PhD.--Helpful How-to's of Homeschool Recruiting”
Andrew Fehrenbacher

Where are the homeschoolers? A former homeschooler explores recruitment of these sometimes elusive students: where to find them, what characteristics they possess, and how to best reach them.


“Getting More Bang for Your Buck with Your Next Admissions Campaign”
Lee Insko & Mike Robinson, 5 Degrees Branding

Competition for next year’s freshmen class is fiercer than ever, yet institutional resources are tighter than ever. Today’s students have more choices and opportunities for higher education, yet your marketing budget has been cut again. In such an environment, how will your institution’s message rise above the crowd and your campaign meet budget? The quality and quantity of the next recruiting class is riding on the successful introduction of your school’s brand. In this session, 5° will present methods to help your school stand out and get the most bang for your buck.

Session 2:


“Travel Hacks 1301”
Connor West, Hardin-Simmons University & Mary Baucom, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

A fun compilation of travel tips applicable to all level of recruiters, but primarily focused on informing recent hires or those with less experience on what to expect and how to prepare when the TACRAO Travel Season hits. Discussion topics will cover everything from the college fairs themselves to choosing the right hotel for you. The following are some questions to consider prior to your first week of fairs: Do you appreciate boxed meals or dry ham and cheese sandwiches? Are you more of a one bed or two beds in the hotel kind of person? Are you a fan of showing up to fairs early only to find the doors are still locked to the school or taking a gamble on even having a table by showing up "on time"? Do you prefer to follow the recruiter caravan between fairs, or are you more of a lone wolf? Does your eye twitch when students ask "So, like… What is this?" at a fair? If you don't have the answers to these questions now, you will after your first season of travel.


“Mass Personalization – Growing the Funnel and Making it Personal Throughout the Entire Admissions Process”
Amy Rice, Clint Strickland, and Jordan Zepeda, Houston Baptist University

With a goal to grow, enrollment managers are a facing increasing pressure to increase the number of inquiries, applicants, admits, and enrollees each year. Often forced to do more with less, we work harder to maintain the one-on-one contact and personal relationships with more prospective students at every stage of the funnel. Borrowing the concept of mass personalization from companies like Amazon and Netflix who use their customer data to make recommendations based on history, we too should begin to consider how we can customize the recruitment experience. Participants will come out of this session with several practical ideas, strategies, and potential action items to implement on their campus. We will also have some time at the end to dialog about various initiatives that have been successful among the campuses who are represented.


“Building Community Within the Office”
Ashley Kiker & Kelli Fox, Houston Baptist University

The atmosphere of an office can make or break your team. Come learn creative ways to build a community that energizes and uplifts your team. This session will also discuss best practices to transition new employees into an existing work dynamic.


“Current Issues in International Student Enrollment”
Shannon Bedo, Houston Baptist University

Attendees will participate in a roundtable discussion of current topics involving international student enrollment management.

Session 3:


“An Introduction to Providing Quality Customer Service”
Brian Kim & Gabby Garza, Baylor University

Discuss how to provide quality customer service and improve upon existing techniques. Great for first year counselors and those wanting to enhance their skills.


“The Enrollment Landscape: Trends Affecting Higher Education”
Al Newell, Royall & Company

This session will provide an overview of the most important trends in higher education today, including continued economic difficulties for families, rising tuition discount rates, and the reduced number of high school graduates. Al Newell will discuss these trends, what they mean for enrollment and will also offer a closer look at proven ways to overcome these challenges.


“Social Marketing in Higher Ed: Past, Present, and Future”
Brad Ward, Blue Fuego Inc.

What's working and what's not working in higher ed recruitment and marketing? We're going to run through these 16 marketing tips as you prepare for a new year of recruitment. Leave this session with some tangible and useful tips, benchmarks for your efforts and a few new ideas for getting your audience's attention!


“Hitting the Wall!”
Kevin Kirk, Howard Payne University

In the world of Admission work, we all can arrive at a place where the tasks are overwhelming, the phone calls are disappointing, the days are long, the nights are sleepless, etc. and etc. In one way or another, we all "Hit the Wall". The question is not, “Will that happen to me?” but “How will I respond?” In this session, we hope to gain some insight into how to stay focused, refreshed and be equipped to "Break Through The Wall".

Session 4:


Nicholas Jones, University of Mary Hardin - Baylor

Print recruitment pieces have been around for some time now. What other tools can we use to make sure our school stands out among our competition? In this session we will discuss a wide range of ideas such as email communication, social media, texting and tele-counseling.


“Avoiding the Recruitment Blind Side: Balancing Emerging Trends With Fundamentals”
James Steen, Houston Baptist University

All of us have felt blindsided at one time or another by the latest trend, software, or online service. The fact is that emerging technology and new services are going to be a constant that enrollment managers must embrace. But to be successful, we must also master the fundamentals—blocking and tackling if you will. This session will explore some of the critical enrollment management functions in relation to emerging trends that can help you make your class without breaking your budget. We’ll also have some time at the end to dialog about the new technologies you’re contemplating or want to know more about. So suit up, get your game on, and join us for a time to analyze the offensive and defensive plays you should be considering. Down...set...hut!


“Negotiation and Contracts Workshop”
Tyler Boyd, Houston Baptist University

HBU’s Staff Counsel in Financial Operations will inform you of the do’s and the don’ts of creating, renewing, and negotiating contracts with vendors.


“The Power of Programmatic Buying in Higher Ed”
Jeremy Fern, Seventh Point

Advertising has been turned on its ear in a huge way. Technology and automation in media buying have permanently altered the mass approach most marketers are used to. Programmatic media buying has moved from a buzzword to the standard for digital media buying. This gives higher ed marketers the ability to select and target their prospects, out of the masses, and place their brand message in front of those intended on a one-to-one basis. It's not about buying the media any longer-- you can buy the actual prospects, the personas, who would be interested in your college or university. This is the ultimate "search" strategy for brand awareness and lead generation. 

Session 5:


“Year One: What I Wish I Knew”
Ben Taylor, University of Mary Hardin - Baylor

Helpful tips, do's and don'ts, and encouragement for first year Admission Counselors

All audiences

“Mentor/Mentee Mingle”

If you’ve been in admissions for a while, you may be trying to figure out what’s next on your professional path. Forming relationships with professionals at other institutions is an important part of your professional development. Often times, these relationships give you an outside perspective that will help you clarify your goals. In this session, you will be paired with an experienced higher education administrator for some casual but intentional conversation about your own journey.

Session 6:

All audiences


The roundtables are guided discussions for 5 different groups: First Year Counselors, Experienced Counselors, Transfer Counselors, Campus Visits/Events Staff, and Deans and Director


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